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GPS Systems


In this age of ever more complex road systems and increasingly heavy traffic, it is not always easy to stay on course. Road maps are all but obsolete. What we need today are innovative solutions. Solutions that make life easier for drivers by automatically selecting the right route and guiding the vehicle reliably to the desired destination.

You will know exactly where you are and where you are heading, because Safesounds are one of Irelands leaders, the Car Navigation System operates by GPS (Global Positioning System), and a CD-ROM with a digital road map holds all the information the system needs to show you the way.

We can show which navigation system is right for you and we can install your system in a matter of minutes.


Before leaving, you simply enter your destination in the control unit. All the computer needs to map out the best route is the name of the street and town you are traveling to. All you need to do is follow the instructions it gives you.

Safesounds provides a wide range of car Navigation Systems that promises to be a valuable aid for travelers, sales people, delivery personnel, real estate agents, drivers of emergency vehicles....anyone and everyone who needs to reach a variety of destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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