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In-Car DVD Systems  


Safesounds range of car DVD Video System turns your car into a mobile movie theater.

The in-dash video player, color LCD monitor (for passengers only) and surround sound components offer the ultimate in picture and audio. So give your passengers a moving movie experience on a long road trip, or just pop in a CD for incredible sound and enjoy the ride yourself.

We can supply fixed and portable DVD kits in a range of different screen sizes to suit your needs and we can install your system within a hour.


At Safesounds our systems offer TFT Active Matrix displays that are backlit and offer the brightest and highest resolution on the market.  We offer a better value that built in units, more flexibility and you won't get stung when you trade your car. 

Outstanding video quality, even from an angle.  That's what makes our system unique.  Easier to view that ceiling mounted units. We have special DVD car carrier systems that allow you to safely install your DVD system in the car.  We also have Quick Clip brackets to mount DVDs to center console of your car which we can install for you.

We can even supply you with wireless headphones and games pads.


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